Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Crate Centerpiece.

I have been itching to post this new project I've been working on all day, however my little Mister Bennett didn't want Mommy to do so. Now that he has stopped fighting it & has gone down for his well needed nap, Mommy has a few mins to share! 
Fingers crossed he gives me a chance to shower after too..., obviously this post is way more important ;)!

I am not going to waste any time. 

I picked up this crate at Michaels. Honestly I could have easily made my own that looked identical but it was only $4.99 & I used my 40% coupon so it was worth it to save me a little time in this case. 

Here is the

Yep Just a plain Jane little crate. I had an idea what I wanted to do to it & I just went with the flow. Here is what I came up with.


I think it adds a nice summery feel to my dining room don't you?! 
I am to say the least, very pleased!
Not only with the rustic chicness it brings into the room but also with the price it took to create this masterpiece!

Lets talk Cost!
The only purchased items used in this project were 

1. The Crate - $4.99 minus 40% Michaels coupon.
2. Pack of 4 box feet (the legs I added to the crate)- $7.99 minus 40% off coupon.

Everything else I had around the house! :D Love when that happens! 

PS. The tall greenery in the back!... found while on a walk with my boy.. put a little water in mason jars & they are a free way to incorporate summer into your decor. 

PSS. That cute little wreath hanging on the front of the crate.. Totally made that using items from my garden! 
You can find beauty in everything!

I would say I made out well! 

Happy Tuesday All!