Sunday, May 19, 2013

2:1 Vintage Scale Makeover & Easy DIY kitchen Curtains.

I have been so busy busy busy! So please forgive me for my lack of posts!
I have most definitely been holding back! 
I recently began school again, working on my photography certification, & have been focusing on spending as much quality family time as possible. The marine corp is working my hubbies to the bone, preparing him for another upcoming deployment. So every chance we get is spent out & about with Daddy! 
Which brings me to whats happening this week!! So excited to say that we will be road tripping to see family in Long Island, NY! About time! We've been trying to make it to see this side of my family since before Jim and I were married 3 & a half years ago! So it will be really exciting for us to all get together & for everyone to get to meet and spend time with us & little man. 
I'm hoping to maybe get a chance to do a little thrifting/shopping & maybe bring back home a little inspiration with me. I'll be sure to take tons of pictures! 

90 degree weather and I sit here hot cocoa in hand (yes... I know, wrong season) debating where to even begin todays post.  

Both posts today take place in my kitchen. 
A few weeks ago, while thrift store hopping with my Mother in law & Sis in law, I stumbled upon this vintage, weathered gold scale. I debated even touching it but after weighing my options (haha.. get it ;),  I opted to give this beautiful piece a fresh new look. 

 Here is the Before:

& here is the after: 
Look closely & you may find a few sneak peaks into some future DIY's!

Well... :)))))? It looks better than I even pictured in my head! 
Any excuse to purchase new cactus friends. (guilty obsession.. could be something worse.) 
For this project I decided to work with white, I wanted a clean fresh color that would really make the colors in the cacti, POP! I took the scale apart, drilled a small hole in the bottom of each bowl for excess water to drain out, spray painted each piece individually with valspar spray paint with primer (saves you having to prime beforehand). I gave the scale a nice matte clear coat to lock in the paint, being that it will be getting wet when I water my plants. Last but not least I planted these cute little babies!
How much did this project cost?

Vintage Scale - $4.00 
Valspar White Spray Paint with Primer - Left Over from a previous project.
Rustoleum Clear Coat in Matte - Left Over from a previous project.
Cacti - $2.89 a piece at Lowes.

Grand Total: $6.89!!!! 
Worth every penny!

Now onto the next topic of discussion tonight... 
The DIY Kitchen curtains featured in tonights post! 
I'm so in love! & let me just say how simple & inexpensive they are to make! 

All of my supplies were purchased at Target:

1. Tention Rod. 
2. Fabric Napkins. 
3. Curtain Clips. 

Assemble. Really no lie that's all there is to it! 
I decided to make the curtain a half curtain, I have a shelf in the works that will be hung above the curtain as a plant ledge. However, you could virtually use this curtain technique in any room on any window, maybe not with these napkins but how about a table cloth?.. sheet?.. just a fabric you picked up?.. You decide what best suits you!! 

I love my new dolled up little window! 
What do you think?

Hope everyone had a fun filled weekend! My cocoa mug is empty.. oh no!! ;)