Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Woman: Summer Photo Shoot Fashion Inspiration

As some of you may know I am in Photography school, while I have been freelancing for a few years now I have finally decided to take the plunge & invest in myself by furthering my Photography & business education. While I have slowed down on the freelancing while working on my certification I have not fully given it up & have been itching to get back into snapping some beautiful photos.
I love photographing people, however, I do wish at times I could take each of my clients, shopping for the perfect shoot outfits prior to the shoot itself. No I am far from a fashion expert. However, I do have a back ground in Fashion Design and merchandising (I attended a few semesters at Villa Maria College in Buffalo, New York), so I am pretty fashion savvy and can usually throw something together fairly easily. I usually can recognize pretty well when a specific fabric, pattern, color etc, will photograph well & when it will not photograph as easy.
So in honor of my mini come back into the world of freelance photography I have put together a little inspiration board for the woman's photo fashion. 

The point of this post is not to say you should go out and replicate these exact outfits. I am well aware that everyone has their own style, and taste. Rather, I hope these general ideas, give you something to think about when picking out your summer shoot apparel! 

Dress- American Eagle, Bracelets- Forever 21, Sandals- Steve Madden, Belt- American Eagle

1. Neutrals With Color Pop- Neutrals are always a safe way to go no matter what the season! But why not throw a pop of season friendly color in the mix to give your look that extra WOW factor! This outfit is just the beginning of the many directions you could go in.

Blazer- Urban Outfitters, Tank/Camisole-Forever 21, Polka Dot Jeans- Michael Kors

2. Layers- Ok I know what you are probably thinking... It's summer... Layers really?
But hear me out. Layers, while can cause a bit of warmth are so worth the hassle. Layers while making your over all outfit look awesome, also allow for multiple different looks in one. Take the example above, some photos with the blazer on, some with the blazer off.. Add a scarf or head band in there for a few shots, roll the pants. You can layer with just about any article of clothing during any season. Wearing shorts? Throw some vibrant tights underneath! Just remember the end result is some kick ass photos!

Dress- H&M, Lower Shorts- H&M, Upper Shorts- Urban Outfitters, Shoes- Jeffery Campbell, Scarf- H&M

3. Prints & Patterns- A good print/pattern is always a great way to make your outfit a unique look. Spice up your outfit with a bold pattern & compliment the look with some dainty, simple accessories.

Shoes- Steve Madden, Skirt & Summer knit- J Crew, Lace top- Forever 21

4. Textures- Textures! Textures! Textures! Example- Lace, knits, patches. This is one of my favorites when going back through & editing photos! They tend to pphotograph really well, & can easily change the whole style of your shoot. Knits, comfy, cozy, homey.. Lace, elegant, graceful, classy etc.
Upper Necklace- J Crew, Earrings- Forever 21, Lower Necklace- Express, Clutch- Express

5. Details & Accessories- This is the fun part! Why not take a simple outfit with some big bold eclectic accessories! Head Scarves, Neck Scarves, Gaudy costume jewelry, pull your hair back & wear some funky earrings! If you're wearing a more outgoing outfit tone the accessories down to a bare minimum but maybe incorporate that one piece of jewelry that in all its simplicity is still fabulous! 

What you wear for photos doesn't have to be what you wear on a day to day basis, but instead maybe choose to step out of your comfort zone. Mix it up a bit. Wear something that can be a topic of conversation, but most importantly you feel comfortable wearing & feel good in!

Are you having photos done this summer? Have you picked out what you're wearing?
I hope this has been somewhat helpful! I plan on putting together a few family shoot inspiration boards soon so stay tuned!! 

Y'all come back now ya hear?! ;)