Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Painting Play Date.

Every DIY'er/ crafter has there fare share of failed projects. It is a constant trial & error process.
This project was a little bit of a hit mixed with a little bit of a miss..
I don't usually share the misses because they are not worth anyones time, but the boys featured in this post are to adorable to pass up.

Here is how it all began.. 
My boy Bennett was looking to have a play date with his good buddy Jackson & being the artistic Mommy that I am decided it would be so fun for them to dive into a bunch of paint & get absolutely filthy. Following the fun in the sun up with a dip in the pool and a bit of hosing off. 
I was looking for a safe & inexpensive way for the boys to paint. So I took to pinterest, which when in doubt.. PINTEREST it up! What kept popping up was a recipe for yogurt & food coloring. I thought well this is perfect! Both boys being just old enough to have whole milk yogurt & all.. (in case they decided to taste test the paint, it was safe to ingest.) 
My original idea was to roll out a large sheet of craft paper sit the boys on it and let them do their thing. Hopefully crawling around & printing it up so us Mommies could frame.. Instead here is what happened..

The paper got crinkly. The yogurt soaked into the paper creating holes when the boys crawled over top. the yogurt began to smell & Flies began to sworm. Among other things. Luckily, we had a few small baby size canvases on hand. The little men did a little finger painting smiling, and what looked like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, a little swimming & headed inside to enjoy a few Puffs & some Mickey Mouse.

 Won't the yogurt, mold?Was my immediate thought.. We read Salt was the answer. Later on after Bennett was down for his nap, his canvas was almost dry, I combined some salt and some water in a squirt bottle and sprayed covering the canvas. When I came back a few hrs later his painting did not look very good, the paint was cracking & chipping. This project had gone so very wrong. I will definitely do this again with my boy, but next time I will go the easy route and purchase the non toxic baby safe finger paints! So not worth the trouble in this case. However if you are just looking for something to entertain & stimulate for a bit this would be a kid friendly, not to mention tasty & healthy way to go!! 
Although the paintings may not have turned out as hoped, the boys had such a great time & in the end that is all that really matters. I love  to see a smile on my babies face. 

 Of course I snapped a few candids.

Arn't they the cutest? 
Happy late Fathers Day to all you Dads out there!
 Bennetts Da-Da was gone in the field for his first fathers day, which was very unfortunate since we had so much in store for him but duty called. I told Bennett his Dad was a super hero & he was off doing super hero work & we will celebrate when he gets home! ;)

Amanda (Bennetts Mommy)