Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY Chalkboard

I've been meaning to get to this post for a while now!

As of late, Chalkboarding seems to be the trend. You can't go into any home decor stores without spotting something that has been chalkboarded up!

My motto, Why buy when you can do?!
After exploring all the chalking possibilities I decided to go in a more traditional direction. I needed a chalkboard that could go in my kitchen & still keep to my rustic feel of my living room being that it is all one big open space. 

My original plan was to make a magnetic chalkboard for the side of my Island, so when a little older,my son, could use this as his magnet letters space, rather than adding clutter to my fridge. However this plan only made it as far as paper. I opted not to attempt this due to I didn't want to take on the hastle of cutting a sheet of metal while the hubs was no where to be found. If you are more daring than I, this would be a great idea for a family with children! 

Instead a friend of mine, Jordyn 'Petunia' Pruitt ;)Inspired me with her DIY chalkboard. {Link to Jordyns Chalkboard Post & Blog Here!} Check it out!Thanks Jordyn for the inspiration!

I did a little tweaking & adding to make my chalkboard creation my own unique creation. 
& Here is what I came up with!

You likey???

You can make your chalkboard in any size, shape, for any room & may be used to jot down many things! Mine normally has our dinner menu for the entire week but I am currently chicken scratching down my To do's for the day! (Helps me to visualize a bit better..)

Here is what you will need:

1. A Thin sheet of wood. This is for the actual chalkboard itself I found the thinner the better, Any size will do! Sand the front down, so it is smooth & clean the surface before first coat of chalkboard paint!

2. Chalkboard paint. I used Valspar spray chalkboard paint. ( At least 3 coats) To save a bit of time (I'm impatient) I would prob opt to not use the spray paint next time and instead paint it on myself. If you decide to do this.. I suggest using a roller to avoid streaks from a paint brush.

3. Thin Strips of wood for a border. At lowes they sell individual strips such as the ones I used, but if you would like a more decorative board you could purchase base board edging or any decorative molding as well!

4. Wood glue.

5. Wood Stain. I used Rustolium- Dark Walnut.


7. Final unique touches! I added a DIY Mossed Letter S to mine! (Maybe a future post? ;) )

& There you go! Assemble!

I have now been using my DIY Chalkboard for a good 3 weeks every week writing and erasing, writing & erasing, writing &... you get the point. I have found it has really held up quite nicely & adds a nice DIY touch to my kitchen!

Hope you like my DIY Chalkboard! I would love to hear your thoughts & see what you come up with!

Happy Wednesday!