Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bringing Outdoors, In.

It is officially spring, so to get in the spirit & in an attempt to make my house brighter, greener & more alive. I've been bringing the outdoors in! A very inexpensive way to give your home that rustic chic look that is trending, & costing high end prices at many home decor stores at the moment. 

Here was a little Pottery Barn inspiration that fueled my creative side & made me think.. "Hey I can do that...& still manage to make my car payment." haaa

[We all drool over Pottery Barn, but lets face it they're not very budget friendly.]

Project Inspiration- Pottery Barn: Christmas 2012. 

Here is my own version, & I am so pleased with the way it turned out!

For Pottery Barns milk jug with twigs they were charging a pretty penny.. for my mock up total cost was $1!
The twigs/ branches were found in the woods behind my house.. I just went out & started collecting! My neighbors most likely think I am insane, outside picking twigs with a baby on my hip. [I don't blame them!] Be sure to shake them out thoroughly  before bringing them into your house! You could even spray them with a light coat of bug spray or raid. If you chose to do this step, leave outside to air out the smell & keep far away from children for a few hours or so. 

My mother in law had gotten me the milk jug a while back from The Dollar Store! Score!! It was an awful hot pink color but we saw potential! I gave it coat of silver spray paint & perfecto! A quick & easy face lift. I chose a bright crisp silver, opposed to the more pewter like color that Pottery Barn had. I felt like the brighter silver worked more for what I was going for in my home.

I am loving how all these earth tones are mixing with all the bronze, golds & silver accents in my living room! 

I would love to hear what you think!