Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY Easy Bathroom Organization

I have always been a pretty tidy person (since having my own place.. my Mom would disagree based on my younger years..) However, since having my son & the 'big' move my bathroom has become somewhat of a mess.
 I have about a 15-20 min window (nap time) to get ready every morning, .This includes shower, hair & makeup... IMPOSSIBLE to do, I have discovered, if you are not in the least bit organized. I decided it was time to make things easier on myself. 

The Before [Don't judge..]

I know it was awful! 
but now...

I purchased this outdoor bird cage thinking of using it to store a few plants on my back patio.. Instead I decided to go in a totally different direction & use it as a jewelry holder! :D It displays my earrings so perfectly!! 

& there you have it! A clean life = A happy wife?.. 

Wanna know how I did it? 

The set of 3 stacked drawers I purchased at Michaels on sale for $16.99. - 40% coupon in most Sunday papers or now they have the Michaels App!Just have it pulled up on your phone when you get to the counter & they will scan! Totally worth it, the coupon brought the cost down to $10.19! Not to shabby! 
The Brushes & Misc. Box is a memory box on sale for $4.99, I just removed the files & lid.
The Letters came out to $1.99! 
(I should add if you are military/or spouse you get an additional discount on Wednesdays :)))))

I took a piece of card stock paper I had laying around & made labels, using these clear backed letters. It really is that simple, probably the easiest DIY I ever done! 
I chose to line the inside of my drawers with some cutesy paper totally optional but gives them a little spunk. If you do this step I suggest mod podging a layer over the top of the paper for easier clean up if something were to spill!

My husband drilled 2 small holes in each cabinet for hooks to hang my hair dryer/straightner & curling iron. I hate cords, this way they can be rolled up and out of the way. Last step I tossed my makeup brushes in a few Mason jars for safe keeping & easy finding!

(Dont mind the photo quality they were taken late at night.. poor lighting!)

There we have it!!! I found my counter! 

An inexpensive, yet very appealing way to stay bathroom organized!