Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Staircase Gallery Wall

Recently my husband, son, pup & I have moved. Between toys, marine corp gear, a 60 lb german shepherd pup... and my shoe collection (;D), we had out grown our old home. So we picked up & upsized to a much needed bigger house!
When living on base in the military, you do not get to chose your home, your home chooses you, which doesn't always  go exactly the way you would like, but in our case we were very pleased with the home that chose us! 
A few days before the keys were handed over our way, we were given our new address, as excited/impatient as I am, I of course had to do a drive by.. My husband slowly drove past the vacant house (as I'm pressed up against the car window ha ha) There had been a cleaning lady in the driveway who had been preparing the house for our arrival. We circled the block a few times until she had left & then pulled into the driveway. Jim sat there, not planning to get out but to just admire from a far.. thats just not me.. so I hopped out and peaked threw all the windows I could reach! (yes, seriously! & for those of you who know me wouldn't expect anything less!) First thing that caught my eye was a wall leading up the staircase when you enter threw the front door. It is the focal point of the entry way & I feel sets the tone for the rest of the home. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! I immediately got to work! 
Without further ado.. this is the first peak into our new home, with our Staircase Gallery wall.

For my walls I chose to paint 2 different shades of gray to make the back staircase wall really pop, I chose the darker of the two. To get the eclectic rustic vibe I was aiming towards, I chose to do my gallery wall with mix matched frames, I first laid the frames out on the floor to determine the positioning, snapped a photo & put the hubs to work! I love the turn out & that now when you first walk in my home it feels so warm & my beautiful family is displayed right in front!

The possibilities for your personalized gallery walls are endless! 
I would love to hear what you think of my gallery wall!
& to see or hear what you have come up with in your own home!